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to the simply nature photography blog. here you will find words to go with the images. if you prefer to simply see the photos in a portfolio format, click on PORTFOLIO WEBSITE above .  you may navigate this blog by the labels and archives at left sidebar. comments may be left on each photo post. viewer's comments are a very important part of the creative process. an image can be a starting point for an ongoing conversation with nature and each other.  feel free to add whatever inspires you in the comment box at the bottom of each photo. ~ enjoy ~ in joy ~ kyle

winter solstice at allen creek

winter solstice at allen creek starr ridge         location: bear valley          season: winter          backstory: allen creek is one of those local places that i love to find.  there is no real reason to go there. locals may hunt or snowmobile around the area.  i found it while cross-country skiing. it reflects what i call backyard nature: close to town, not remote like many of my photo treks.  no grand landscapes or features.  simple. down home. the right light, season, conditions, it revels a deep beauty that is always there if...we take the time to notice. from spring through fall we might drive past and hardly see it.  in winter, snow sets off the colors of aspen, sky, willows and pines.  that's one of the reasons i love winter photography: a little snow changes everything. it becomes another place, shows a different aspect of nature in our own backyard. once snow settles in, skis or snowmobile are the best ways to allen creek. it's about a 3 mile ski on forest

leslie gulch by moon light

leslie gulch by moonlight owyhee canyonlands    (click on image for larger size) location: leslie gulch      season: spring       backstory: leslie gulch is a place i often visit, which is reflected by the number of photos from there in my portfolio.  the rock formations are unique in oregon.  the range of colors and textures is fascinating.  seeing these canyons in different seasons, light, weather brings out different qualities. night photography appeals to me because of the differences in quality and quantity of light.  an advantage of digital cameras is the ability to record very minute amounts of light, especially stars.  less intense light softens a landscape and the eye is drawn to different features compared to daylight. moonlit scenes are exquisite for this quality.  there are photos with the moon as the focus, subject or a part of the composition ( see setting sun/rising moon ). then there are photos where the moon is the source of light, unseen.  size of the moon (how full),

it's about nature

 without planning to, i find myself deeply drawn into this creative photographic process. it's not like i need another career; the healing arts of chinese medicine are very fulfilling. backcountry treks are immensely nourishing on a personal level. body, mind and spirit vibrate with the energy, just being there is enough. why carry around all that photo gear? i do enjoy the creative aspects of camera, editing, printing & frames. there is no compelling need to be known as an artist or a photographer , they seem merely tools. then, tools for what? sitting in the serene quiet of 10,000' staring at immense panoramic landscapes extending hundreds of miles, it becomes very simple and clear: it's about nature.     the deepest call comes to express the beauty, energy, spirit of these places i wander to.  many are off well traveled paths and/or not typically seen, or at times when not easily visited. most of these places are simple, ordinary, what i call backcountry locations.

dawn meditation

dawn meditation pronghorn antelope (click on image for larger size) location: hart mountain season: fall backstory: i am enamored of pronghorns.  the colors. the horns. their speed and agility. their ability to survive. and, especially the eyes. the eyes go deep. pronghorn coloration blends in with the high desert country to perfection.  while i'm fond of the earth tones of rock, hills, and mountains, dawn and/or sunset golden hour light on these animals is breathtakingly beautiful. the fastest land mammal in north america (second only to the african cheetah worldwide), pronghorns can run from 35 - 65 mph. for 1-4 miles. watching a dozen does fly across the open country around hart mountain is wonderful to see. they turn and maneuver as a group with ballet-like precision. of 12 similar species from 12,000 to 2 million years ago, pronghorns are the only survivors. they can eat high desert plants that other animals find toxic. their vision extends 320 degrees, which might help explai

fall bows to winter

fall bows to winter big indian gorge   (click on image for larger size) location: steens mountain season: late fall backstory: this was my first extended trek into the steens.  end of fall, beginning of winter provides some interesting contrasts.  i learned a lot about this mountain range, photography and myself over six days during some shifting and turbulent winter weather. this scene called out as i was preparing to leave.  i was pretty tired. didn't feel i got any great shots. still struggling with some technical details of the camera.  also, struggling with how to express the spirit and energy of this special place. the steens are unlike many other mountains. rather than one main focal peak it is a range that runs 20+ miles north to south.  edging up to the 10,000' ridge are three 3,000' gorges running east to west and two more running north to south. it is a challenge to encompass some small part of this terrain in a camera frame, no matter how many megapixels the sen